HyperGH 14x Ingredients


HyperGH 14x has much to offer. There are many HGH releasers on the market and not to many people it becomes very difficult to tell the difference between the quality levels of the products.


So, what is it about HyperGH14x that truly makes it a decent and effective releaser?

The answer is revealed once you look at the list of the HyperGH 14x ingredients. These ingredients truly are interesting and this is not because they are exotic and esoteric. Rather, they are very clear cut natural ingredients which can have a very positive impact on your body. HyperGH 14x Ingredients

The most obvious of these benefits would be a great improvement in your body’s natural ability to produce HGH.

HyperGH 14x does not directly provide your body with HGH. Rather, it provides the body with precursors to HGH which lead to the body’s ability to manufacture it.


How many precursors are found in the stack of HyperGH14x?

There are 15 of these releasers which is a significant number. Perhaps the word “significant” is a bit of an understatement since you would have a very difficult time finding a HGH releaser on the market which is capable of providing this many precursors to the system.

Once these precursors open the door for your body to produce more HGH, you will start to experience all the many excellent results that improved HGH levels delivers. To start with, you will experience an increased amount of muscle mass combined with a faster metabolism.

That means you will gain the potential to develop a muscular and ripped physique which is certainly something most people would love to develop. You would even be developing this new physique when you go to bed as increased HGH levels promote improved exercise recovery during the resting stages.


So, what are these incredibly helpful HyperGH14x ingredients which can lead to all the vaunted results higher levels of HGH are known to deliver?

Among the most active of ingredients would be:

    • GTF Chromium – This ingredient is designed to help facilitate the transfer of glucose in the bloodstream. While that can be beneficial on its own, the fact that this process can contribute to the increase of natural HGH production would be an even better benefit.
    • Tribulus Terrestris Extract – Tribulus Terrestris has long since been a popular supplement among bodybuilders so its presence as a part of the HyperGH14x ingredients stack. The most common reason bodybuilders find it helpful as a means of building muscle but it can also increase dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which can improve sexual function.
    • L-Arginine – Shockingly, L-arginine has the potential to outright triple the body’s natural production of HGH. This can contribute significantly to maximizing all the great positives that boosted HGH levels can deliver.
    • L-Lysine – When L-Lysine is combined with L-Arginine, it can maximize improvements in your immune system.
    • GABA – GABA has long since been used as a means of helping people relax which can contribute greatly to the ability for your body’s muscle tissue to recover and repair. And yes, GABA also has the ability to help increase your body’s ability to produce HGH which is what you would want to gain from HyperGH14x in the first place.

These are only a few of the HyperGH 14x ingredients which are known for delivering great results. There are quite a few more and they all contribute to making this one of the top HGH releaser products on the market.

One thing to be mindful of is the body’s HGH production decreases as you age. Thanks to the availability of this releaser, you now have a means of overcoming the common problem of age related decreases in HGH.

Also, it is important to mention no matter how great the HyperGH 14x ingredients are, you will not experience any results unless you put the needed effort in the gym. Be sure you do your part of the bargain so HyperGH14x can effectively deliver on its end.

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